AEDBF is a European association of professionals specialized in the legal aspects of banking, financial and capital market sector. It brings together banking and corporate legal counsels, practitioners, judges, academics, public officials and economists.

AEDBF was established in Paris in 1988, upon the initiative of Messrs Jacques Biancarelli and Jean-Pierre Mattout, honorary Presidents.

Since 1994 Mr Jean-Pierre Buyle, current Honorary President, has carried on and developed their initiative.

From 1999 to 2005, the Secretariat was transferred to Luxembourg and Mrs Marie-Paule Gillen acted as President.

In October 14, 2005, the Presidency was held by Italy and by Mr. Claudio Bonora who was nominated President of AEDBF Europe.

Since November 2008, the Presidency was held by France and by Hubert de Vauplane, General Counsel of Crédit Agricole Group. Mr. de Vauplane had set up a new “Bureau” whose members were academics, solicitors and banking lawyers.

As from September 2011, when the AEDBF meeting took place in Athens, Dr. Dimitris G. Tsibanoulis, lawyer and managing partner at Tsibanoulis & Partners law firm, was appointed the new Chairman of the Association. Dr. Tsibanoulis will serve in this position for three years starting from 2012.

AEDBF Europe administrative organs are the General Meeting, called at least once a year, and the Board of Directors composed by members belonging to EU member states and to Switzerland.

The Board of Directors’ activity is supervised by a technical committee composed by academics, in-house bank counsels, and legal practitioners. Its daily administration is run by a team acting as the Secretariat (the Bureau).

AEDBF membership is divided into honorary members, private individuals, active members and correspondents, with a recognised expertise in legal and financial matters.

The representation and development of the association’s activities in individual countries are carried out by national committees or correspondents.

Since 2005, AEBDF has launched a project of extension of the Association to new European Union Member States such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Malta, Latvia, etc…

This project has met the interest of the legal banking financial community and some of these Countries have established or are going to establish a national committee of AEDBF.