The EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF BANKING AND FINANCIAL LAW – ROMANIA is composed of specialists – theoreticians and practitioners – in the field of Romanian, European and international banking and financial law, and aims to establish a platform for work with the authorities and institutions public authorities active in the field, with credit and financial institutions, with other legal persons of private law without patrimonial purpose in Romania having concerns in this matter.

The objective of the association is to promote legal and economic knowledge, national and European, in the banking and financial field, to contribute to the improvement of training in the mentioned field and to support the Romanian financial banking environment in knowledge and practical application of specific legal institutions.

The aims of the Association are:
(a) Consolidation of relations between members, coordination of ideas and research carried out by its members in the field of banking and financial law and techniques.
(b) Establish and develop exchanges with the institutions and bodies of the European Union and with other national or international authorities, associations and committees active in the field, disseminate the results of research work and write studies in the field .
(c) Organization of conferences, seminars, round tables, congresses, meetings with financial and banking institutions, other professional associations in the field, mass media.
d) Dissemination of the results of research carried out by members of the association and publication of studies in the areas mentioned.

To become a member of the Association, candidates must be graduates of higher education who have taken and passed the license examination, be academics, magistrates, lawyers, legal advisers, economists, civil servants or other specialists working in banking or finance. with an impeccable reputation. To become a member of the Association, they must submit an application, accept the Statute and pay the membership fee. The request must be approved by the Board of Directors. Currently, the association is in a period of promotion, consolidation and attraction of new members. Our national and international conferences have become successful brand events.

Ianfred Silberstein
Former head of the legal department
of the National Bank of Romania
Prof. Dr. Cristina Elena Popa Tache
Av. Dr. Constantin Brânzan
Phone: +40722390990
Fax: +40 21 315 27 50