Board of directors

AEDBF is managed by a Board of Directors composed of a minimum of 14 members and a maximum of members being equal to the number of the Member States of the European Union.

The composition of the board is as follows:


State Member Elected in
Luxembourg Marie-Paule Gillen 2018
Glenn Meyer 2018
France Pierre Minor 2018
Bertrand Bréhier, Vice-president 2018
Jean-Pierre Mattout 2018
Hubert de Vauplane 2019
Belgium Inez De Meuleneere 2018
Italy Roberto Ferretti, President 2018
Eugenio Maria Mastropaolo 2019
Greece Dimitris Tsibanoulis 2018
Romania Ianfred Silberstein 2019
Elena Georgescu 2018
Switzerland Nicolas Beguin 2019
Germany Klaus Loeber 2019