AEDBF France – September 29, 2022 – Webinar “Strategy for the prevention of competitive risk in the banking and financial sector”

The AEDBF France kindly asks you to attend the Webinar it is organizing on Thursday, September 29, 2022 from 9:30 am to 11:00 am in distanciel by videoconference (Microsoft Teams).

Ms. Marie-Pascale Heusse
BNP Paribas Head of Group Competition law Practice / Co-Head of the Competition Law Compliance Task Force (CLT)


Ms. Elise Lelong
Senior lawyer in Competition Law – In charge of the Legal coordination of the CLT –

will deal with the theme:

“Competitive Risk Prevention Strategy in the Banking and Financial Sector.”

The banking and financial sector has seen the birth of compliance. However, in this sector, as in all others, a change in corporate culture has recently taken place. Compliance has become a more global concept, imported from the United States. A culture of respect for the rules to ensure a more solid and sustainable performance. This is reflected in the appearance of codes of conduct that require employees to act in accordance with the values and ethical principles laid down by the company while complying with legal, regulatory and ethical standards.

The implementation of compliance programs is a strategic and organizational element that is essential to bring about this cultural change. The company must put in place an effective compliance strategy. Experience shows that “one size does not fit all”. This strategy must take into account many parameters and not become a simple adjustment variable. To be effective, many stakeholders, both internal and external, must be involved in building the programs.

In a regulated sector such as the banking and financial sector, where compliance is king when it is imposed by the regulations but may appear subsidiary in the absence of regulatory requirements, the implementation of competition compliance programs therefore still remains a real challenge for lawyers and compliance officers.

  1. Competitive risk: from apprehension to organization
  2. Compliance program: creating your own prevention strategy

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